Zac Brown Band & Truth

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Random Goodness
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Last week I posted this picture onto Facebook and Twitter saying, “backstage with Zac Brown!!” (For those of you who don’t know, Zac Brown is a big country singer)

Within a couple hours of posting the photo online, my friends and I were getting lots of responses and different people were texting us about being backstage with The Zac Brown Band.

All of this was cool and fun except there was only one problem: we didn’t go backstage with Zac Brown. The guy in the middle isn’t Zac Brown, it’s a guy that lives across the hall from me named Josh Lewis. (Who by the way, can grow an awesome beard) And we aren’t backstage anywhere, we were in our dorm – I know, they look similar don’t they? :p

This is an actual picture of Zac Brown –

Yeah, the first guy might look somewhat similar, but when you see both of them side by side it’s pretty clear that I didn’t get to hang out with Zac Brown. Yet, it amazed me how many people saw that picture and thought that I really did.

People saw something that looked pretty legit. Something that looked pretty cool. And they accepted it as truth. A couple reasons people would have accepted that picture as legit could have been:

1) They thought it was sweet, it looked pretty legit. Or,

2) They didn’t really know what Zac Brown actually looked like.

This got me thinking: how many times have I accepted something as true because I thought it sounded good or seemed legit? How many times have I accepted something as truth because I really didn’t know what the real truth was?

Truth is the word of God. Straight up. Hands down. It’s the truth.

If something sounds sweet or seems legit, yet it contradicts the Word of God, it’s not truth. And if we don’t KNOW the Word of God, then we’re going to have a really hard time distinguishing real truth.

Use the Word as your filter for truth, and KNOW what it says. Let’s not let all the other noise around us to allow us to be fooled.




  1. David Garza says:

    Grand observation! I thought of Romans 1 where we exchange “the truth for a lie.”

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