Know & Expose

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Random Goodness, Sports
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Yesterday, I was reading a Sports Illustrated article about Aaron Rogers, the Green Bay Packers quarterback. Aaron Rogers, who just won a Super Bowl last year, is having another killer year and has his team rolling strong heading into the playoffs. Without debate, Aaron Rogers is an incredible football player.



In the article that I was reading, it talked about Aaron Rogers in high school. It said a couple things that I found really interesting. It said that as a freshman in high school, Aaron Rogers knew what he wanted to do. Be a football player. It also said that him, along with a good friend, decided to not live it up like everyone else during those years, and they decided to focus on football (what he knew he wanted to do).

Aaron Rogers wanted to be a football player. Just going to practice like all the dozens of other football players at his school wasn’t enough. The article said that while all the other kids would go out and do other things, Aaron and his friend would spend hours upon hours watching and studying film from football games. Not only did they watch film, but they also trained hard core and worked on the things they knew would make them better players.

Here is what I took away from reading all of this: Aaron knew what he wanted to do – be a GREAT football player. Not an average quarterback, but a great one. Not only did he KNOW what he wanted to do, but he EXPOSED himself to what he knew would make him better. 

In order to be great at what we do, not only do we need to KNOW what we want to do, but we have to EXPOSE ourselves to what we know will make us better. For example:

  • I want to be a great preacher and pastor. So each week, I spend hours watching different pastors that I feel like do an amazing job at delivering God’s word and leading a church.
  • My friend Nate Fleming wants to be a famous film producer. He spends tons of time watching and studying awesome videos and movies.
  • Want to be a great football player? Don’t settle for just going to the standard or required practices –  go the extra mile in your work outs. Study film. Be the first one to show up in the weight room & the last one to leave.

KNOW what you want to be great at. And EXPOSE yourself to things that will help you get there. Now go get em’!!!




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