No Excuses…Not Even UVA

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Sports
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So this past Saturday, I had the awesome opportunity to go to the Virginia Tech v. UVA football game in Charlottesville. As I’m sure most of you guys know, I’m a Tech fan. I don’t like UVA. I can’t stand UVA. I think UVA football is soft. I love giving UVA fans a hard time (shout-out to the Lynn’s and Bourne’s) when they lose. I personally think that this is how UVA’s logo should look…

Given that the game on Saturday was at UVA, there were a ton of UVA fans amongst a number of Virginia Tech fans. So during most of the game, I was surrounded by people that were cheering for UVA. I’m sure most of y’all saw the game. Tech killed them. Absolutely destroyed UVA.

Because Tech was destroying them, and I have the tendency to want to smack all of the time, I found myself trash talking UVA fans (my brother included – he was the most fun to trash talk to 🙂 ) After the game I really began thinking about what I was doing.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how I was really treating those people. I began to realize that I wasn’t loving these people simply because of a football game.

Do I like the team that they cheer for? Nope.

Are the still people and am I still called to love them? Absolutely.

I was using what was happening on a football field as an excuse not to obey the Word of God. Cheering for Tech and rooting against UVA was my reason for not loving someone. Such a lame excuse. There should never be an excuse to not obey God’s word. Not even UVA football! : )

We all have lame excuses for not obeying God’s Word. Mine was football. What’s your’s?




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