Back to the Basics

Posted: November 12, 2011 in Straight up, Video
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Being at Liberty I hear “church talk” all the time. I really do. I go to what most people would consider church 5 different times a week. Monday mornings, Wednesday mornings and nights, Friday mornings, and then Sunday mornings.

I say all of that to say this: I hear the gospel A LOT. A ton. I hear it all the time. Every day. And to be completely honest, sometimes I just blow it off. I don’t get too worked up or excited over it. I just hear it and then I get on with my day. That’s it. In one ear and out the other. I’ve started to become so familiar with the gospel that whenever I hear it my only reaction is, “Yeah, I know.”

Recently I’m noticing how dangerous this truly is. Without the gospel nothing else matters. Without the cross we’ve got nothing.

The question that I’ve been asking myself recently is, “Does the life that I’m living reflect the death that Jesus died?” This video jacks me up every time, check it out.

This should never become too familiar to us. This is the reason we have life. This is the reason our eternity can be secure.

I want to be forever grateful and live a life that reflects the gospel. Don’t you?




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