Beats vs. Buds

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Church, The Word
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Since moving into my dorm room at LU a little over a month ago, I’ve had the privilege (kinda) of having to sleep on the top bunk. So just the other week I was laying up on the top bunk listening to my Ipod with my new headphones.

And when I say new headphones I mean the Dr. Dre Beats. I had wanted these headphones for a long time and finally saved up enough cash flow to get them right before coming to Liberty. If you don’t know what the Beats are, just understand that these things are not cheap.

So I’m up on my bunk. Listening to some music. I’m about to get down so I take off the headphone and lay them on the bed. As I’m swinging myself off the bunk, my foot catches the cord and my new expensive head phones go sailing from my top bunk. My heart  stops as I watch them take the fall. I was like flippin’ out!

Then just yesterday, I was listening to my Ipod using my little ear buds. You know the free ones that you get when you get an Ipod? I probably dropped those things about 5 times throughout the day and didn’t even think anything of it.

It seems like an obvious answer, but I asked myself, “Why did I care so much about dropping my Dr. Dre Beats but I didn’t care at all when I dropped my little ear buds?” The answer is simple. I had a lot of my money (my treasure) invested into the Beats and I had nothing invested into the ear buds. Because of that I cared for the Beats and not the ear buds.

Jesus wasn’t kidding when He said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21).

My treasure was in those nice headphones, so that’s why I cared so much about them.

Maybe the reason we’re not as passionate about the things of God (the church, missions, etc.) is because that’s not where our treasure is.

Because it’s a guarantee, if your treasure is there, your heart will be too.


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