My New Focus

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Church
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Ever since God called me into ministry, I’ve always tried to expose myself to as much ministry as possible. For example: I’ve always loved hanging out with our church staff at Clover Hill and learning from what they’re doing well in the church.

I also try to listen and watch as many pastors as I have time for. I’m always listening to guys like Steven Furtick, Perry Noble, Clayton King, Mark Driscoll, and Craig Groeschel. I often find myself wishing I could just sit down with some of these guys and learn from what they do in their ministries. I clearly see the power of God in their churches and I’m always finding myself wanting to learn from what they’ve experienced in their years of ministry.

But over the past couple weeks God has really been dealing with me concerning this. Could these guys offer some incredible advice concerning ministry? Of course.

Would I still love to learn from what they’re doing in each of their ministries? Absolutely.

But what God has been showing me lately is that no man can advise me and equip me for ministry more than Jesus and his word can. I have needed to re-shift my focus from wanting to learn so much from what man can tell me to what God wants to teach me. 

Could all those guys give me great advise that would lead to a God driven ministry? Yes.

But the reality of it is, a successful ministry isn’t built on the wisdom of man, it’s built on the power of God.

God showed me that I was wanting to learn more from people than I was wanting to learn from God. In other words, I was wanting to learn more from creation rather than the creator.

So lately it’s been my job to refocus. Should I still seek Godly council and advice. No doubt about it. But God and His word should be my first focus.

Have you ever struggled with this perspective?

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