Why I’m Fired Up for the Fall Retreat:

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Church, Random Goodness
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How do I know this? A couple reasons:

1. Cause God has already worked BIG TIME dealing with this event.

Over the summer the youth group, The Movement, was probably averaging around 75 to 80 kids each Wednesday night. When it came down to the last week for the kids to sign up to go on the retreat, WE HAD OVER 80 KIDS SIGN UP! For all you math people, that’s like every person in the whole stinkin’ youth group! So after this, Pastor Erik decides to open registration for 1 more week. 7 extra days for people to sign up. With transportation and rooms, we could bring a max of 124 kids on the trip.

I remember texting Erik later that week to ask how many people we had now. About 2 minutes later my phone lit up with the number 124. BOOMSAUCE. The event was sold out!

God orchestrated it perfectly for every single one of these youth to be going on this retreat. I know that NOT ONE of them is going on this trip by accident.

2. Cause we’ve done our part.

For months now, the staff and youth leaders have been lifting up this weekend, praying that God would do something incredible in everyone’s life. Praying that He would show up and show off in a powerful way.

Last week in the adult service, a name tag with the kids names on it was passed out to the adults at our church. Since then, they have been praying over this weekend and for each of the kids by name.

We’ve prayed that God would show up. And we know that God responds to the prayers of His people.

All we have to do now is expect. I don’t know about you,




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