Presence is a Priority

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Church, Straight up
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Just a couple weeks ago my family, along with a couple other families, had gotten tickets to go to Kingsfest. Kingsfest was a 3 day event that consisted of a bunch of Christian artists performing all throughout the afternoon and into the night at Kings Dominion’s ourdoor amphitheatre. We went the first night and got to see some amazing people like Lecrae and David Crowder. Then we got our faces totally rocked off by Skillet.

Then comes the second day of concerts. We get up that morning to see a 100% chance of rain and storms that afternoon and night. Lame. I was really bummed because I wanted to see Chris Tomlin perform. Some other bands were playing in the afternoon that I didn’t care about seeing, I just wanted to see Chris Tomlin. He was scheduled to play around 9p.m. So to avoid sitting out in the rain all afternoon, we decided to wait at home and just watch to see what the weather was gonna do that night. So while we’re sitting at home, we get a call that says Chris Tomlin comes out to play in less than an hour. Great. So we pack up all our rain gear super fast and start on our 45 minute drive to Kings Dominion. The ENTIRE drive there it straight poured rain. Lightening was lighting up the sky and the thunder was booming. It even got so bad we stopped a couple times to turn around until I convinced my Mom to keep going.

So after a boring day of sitting around waiting, and a stressful couple hours getting to Kings Dominion, we were there. As we walked into the amphitheatre the rain was still coming down. As I sit down in my seat (that had puddles of water in it), I’m trying to put on my Dollar Tree poncho and not having too much success. Not long after this, Chris Tomlin comes out on the stage. I was still thinking about how we survived the crazy ride up there in the storm. I was still trying to find out how to stay dry with my stupid poncho. I was still thinking about how dumb it was that it was still raining.

And then Chris Tomlin started playing. He didn’t come out with fire works. There wasn’t a huge introduction with a light show to go with it. There were no spotlights. There were no guitar solos. He came out to do one thing. And that was to usher him, along with 9,000 other people into the presence of God through praise and worship.

As I was standing there worshipping, I noticed something. I noticed how I wasn’t thinking about how boring and somewhat disappointing my day had been. I wan’t thinking about how insane the car ride to Kings Dominion was. I wasn’t thinking about how upset I was that me and all my clothes were soaking wet. I wasn’t thinking about the rain that was still pouring down on everyone. Why?

Because when Jesus shows up, nothing else matters. 

So many of us focus our eyes on our situation and everything that’s going on around us. In doing that, all we see is the negative and the chaos. What we need in these difficult times isn’t a quick shot of peace or hope. What me and you need during times of chaos is the presence of God. Why? Because in comparison to God and all of His greatness and goodness, our problems won’t really matter too much anymore. And because when you get God, you get peace. You get love. You get hope. The presence of God is a must have in our lives.

This song by Bethel Live couldn’t have said it any better. Check it out.



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