Attendance vs. Attendees

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Straight up
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Yesterday I was watching a conference called The Elephant Room where well known preachers discussed different things about the church. One of the discussions between Steven Furtick and Matt Chandler was on preaching for church attendance and to save the lost vs. preaching to grow and feed those who are already saved. Here is my response to this:

I think when you look at the ministry of Jesus you see a great balance between these two things. Did Jesus stop teaching and feeding Peter from the moment that he dropped everything to follow Him? Not at all. Jesus was constantly teaching and spending time with his disciples.
But at the same time Jesus was also healing the lame, sick, hurting, and ignored people. His eyes were constantly turned towards those who were in need of him. Jesus ministered to the “least of these” in that society. Jesus would preach to crowds and tons of people would get saved. Jesus absolutely had a ministry that was focused on growing the kingdom.
But while he was doing this, he was also teaching his disciples, his followers, the truth and principles and himself and the kingdom. So why would Jesus use his little time that he had on this earth to teach and sew into his disciples rather than strictly save the lost? Because in building up and growing the disciples in the things if God, Jesus was equipping them to be able to go out and reach the lost!
So when it comes to your focus in preaching, are we to preach in order for the lost to receive and know Jesus? Absolutely. But are we also to feed and grow believers in the things if God? Absolutely. Because through that, you’re actually reaching the lost, through the believers that you are strengthening and discipling. Grow believers in the things of God, and as you reach the lost for Christ, so will they!

What do you think about this?


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