A.H.S. – Continuing to Impact Lives

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Other
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Avery Spence, was without a doubt a one of a kind girl. Every even day I would walk into my second period and say, “What’s up Ave?” to which Avery would always respond, “What up Nate Dogg?!” which would get that class off to a good start every single time. Avery was known for her smile that was turned on 24 hours a day. She was known for her laugh that was more contagious than anything you’ve ever seen or experienced. She was known for her constant pursuit for adventure and achievement. She was known to make me extremely jealous when she would say, “I failed that bio test” as she turned in her scantron, only to find out the next class that she got a 105 on that test. She was known as a competitor on and off of the field. Avery Spence will without a doubt be remembered for all these things, and so many more. But she will also be remembered by the impact that her life has had, and will continue to have on our community.

Over the past week, I’ve seen hundreds of people come together as one to support and celebrate Avery’s life. People have shed their number of tears, they’ve had their days that didn’t seem to end, they’ve suffered through this tragic loss, some days harder than others. But what I have also seen is a sence of support, community, and love like I have never seen before. Over the past week, nobody has been “cooler” or “badder” than anyone else, nobody has been above or below anyone else. Every student, faculty member, friend, family member, has been one this week. We have all come together as one in order to comfort and support each other, as we all reflect on the life of Avery Spence. Without debate, Avery Spence was someone that has made an impact on the community and the people who knew her. Just looking as the past couple days and seeing what has gone on in the community, everyone can say confidently that Avery was a special person. These pictures show how much she was loved and cared about, and what an impact she has had on everybody. She will always be missed, and never forgotten – A.H.S.

  1. Natalie E. says:

    Absolutley LOVED what you had to say at Averys funeral!! Great analogy and it really made you think!!

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