My New Goal

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Straight up

Over the past couple weeks a lot of big stuff has been goin’ down. Just this past Friday, through Manchester’s CYF (Christian Youth Fellowship) event, I was able to share the gospel with 70+ people in that school. Through this opportunity, and other conversations that I’ve had with people over the past couple weeks, God has kinda shifted my perspective when it comes to dealing with other people.

I know this might seem pretty normal when it comes to what a Christian should do, but I feel like this needs to become my focus, prayer, and goal when dealing with others. And that is: that that God’s presence would be felt, and his name would be made known to others through my life. 

That God’s presence would be felt through my life. This is obviously something that God calls each one of us to do. We are called to be light. The world is dark. In darkness light is felt, light is seen, light is noticed, light cannot be ignored. I have always known that this is what we are called to do but I have struggled with how to do it, or what exactly being light actually looks like. I still wouldn’t claim to have pin-pointed this concept, but I do know that God’s presence is what allows you to be light. God is light, and without his presence and his power in your life, you cannot be light to a dark world around you. My new goal is for his presence in my life to begin to transform everything that I do. I want there to be something different and attractive about how I talk. I want there to be something attractive about how I smile. I want there to be something attractive about how I work, how I interact with others, how I walk, how I play basketball, you name it. All I know is that I want there to be something attractive about every single thing in my life. But the cool thing is, it’s not what I’m doing that is going to attract people, it’s the presence and power of God in my life that will attract people.

That the name of Jesus would be made known through my life. I don’t have much of a problem talking with people. Being social isn’t exactly a struggle. I can talk to you all day about March Madness. I can talk to you all day about how I wish the Timberwolves could make it to the playoffs. I can talk to you all day about pretty much anything that has to do with sports. Not that this stuff is bad, but what I want to be able to talk with you about all day is Jesus Christ, and what he has done in my life. See it’s cool if people know I go to church on Sundays and youth on Wednesdays. It’s cool if people know I go to CYF at my high school. It’s cool if people know that I’m going to a Christian college. But all that stuff is not what is going to allow them to meet their creator, Jesus Christ. I want people to know from my words, not just my actions, that there is a God in heaven that created them and loves them and wants the best for their life. I want the name of Jesus to be make known through my life.



  1. Granny says:

    what a WONDERFUL testimony—from a very special Grandson—

  2. Natalie E. says:

    Wow Nate no one actually has pointed out what being the light looks like and THAT is what it looks like. Really helpful!! Thanks!!

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