Posted: October 22, 2010 in Straight up

As our church has been practicing for The Horror on Bailey Bridge, my eyes have began to see satan and his tactics in new ways. I always knew that he wants to destroy our lives and cause us hurt and pain, but I have begun to think about it in a whole new way.

In practicing for the HOBB, me and the other actors in my room go through our lines over and over and over to the point where we aren’t even thinking about what we’re truely saying. But there was one line that got me. It was something that a demon said as all the demons finished destroying a girls day. The line read, “I think we got her today,” followed by, “yes, our master would be proud.”

This made me think, when it comesdown to it at  the end of the day, who did you make proud? There are only 2 options, Christ or the enemy. This might sound rough, but I believe an average day, “just another day”, or going through the motions is a day where the enemy can be proud. God’s desire for us is not to just get through another day, He’s got more ready and available for you than that. Think about it, your going to make somebody proud today, who is it going to be? You know the options.


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