Not so Big Ben

Posted: April 25, 2010 in Sports

The Steelers Super Bowl winning quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger hasn’t been making the best decisions lately, as I’m sure all y’all know. I thought totaling his motorcycle without a helmet on and surviving would have been a wake up call to this guy. But apparently not. After being accused of sexually assaulting a collage aged girl, the NFL has suspended Roethlisberger for 6 games next season. The Steelers organization has accepted this punishment and says that they cannot cover up or hide his actions. In other words, Big Ben is on his own for this one. So come football season, every team in the NFL, along with the entire country is going to be hype about kicking off the season while Roethlisberger is munchin’ on popcorn on the sidelines.

This story of Ben Roethlisberger is exactly like everyone of us, except for one thing. Ben has made some bad decisions, he has messed up and doesn’t have it all together. Me and you have messed up, we don’t have everything together. Ben’s consequence for his actions was a 6 game suspension. The Bible tells us that the paycheck for our sin is death. Unlike the NFL, which made Ben miss 6 games, Christ doesn’t want us to be on the sidelines. His grace covers us and we can move forward. I’m thankful that God doesn’t suspend us or write us off when we mess up, He pours out His grace and mercy on us so we can be all that He wants us to be. Jesus took all of the punishment for us on the cross, so go get in the game.

  1. JD Seal says:

    ya I’m a BIG STEELERS FAN but i hate Ben it seems every off season he gets in some kind of trouble…we need to trade him and get a player in the draft….some one with there head straight

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