Run It

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Sports, Straight up

As most of you guys know, running is something that I like to do. Yes, running. After a very lengthy cross country season this past fall, I decieded to take the winter off from running. So the other day, after a long winter of junk food and college basketball, I figured I should probably go out and start getting back into shape for outdoor track coming up in the spring. On this run I quickly was reminded of the fact that running is something you have to work yourself into, I was feeling the two months that I took off. As tough as the first couple weeks of getting back into shape are,  I knew it would all be worth it once I am back in full stride.

As I was out there struggling on one of these runs, I began to think about how much getting back shape is the complete opposite of how our relationship with God should be. After a long break from running or after a time period when I’m not running well, I have to slowly get myself back into shape. This is not a one day process. Our realationship with God should not be anything like this. After we have messed up, or went on a “spiritual leave”, God doesn’t want us to slowly start talking to Him again or to slowly read into His word. God died on the cross for a reason, and that reason is for you. When times like this come, we need to ask for His forgiveness and then chase after Him with all that we have, not give God only a little bit until you “ease back into it.” So go. Run after Him.


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