Serve it up

Posted: February 5, 2010 in The Word

As often as we take out the trash, clean up around the house, or whatever things we do, is it because we are being forced to, or is it done with a servants heart? Most of the time the reason that we do any work is for one reason, for a reward. Most of the time we expect something in return for everything that we put our effort into.

Do we even consider doing anything out of a servant’s heart? The point is, our hearts are set on earthly treasures, that will always die out and amount to nothing. Instead of storing up earthly treasures, why don’t we serve out of a servant’s heart and store up treasures in heaven? The Word says, even if you get a glass of water for a brother, then you will be rewarded in heaven. One thing I can promise you is that our rewards in heaven will be far greater than anything you could get here on earth. Jesus said, the greatest among you is a servant. So go serve with the right heart, store up treasures in heaven, and be blessed.


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