Posted: January 19, 2010 in The Word

As I look around, it’s very plain to me that God has blessed everyone with a countless number of things. I believe one of the most important things He has given us is our restorer, our friend, and our teacher, the Holy Spirit. I believe the Holy Spirit has so much more to offer us than what we are getting out of this blessing. One of the main things that the Holy Spirit can do to impact our lives is to be our teacher.

The Bible says to pray without ceasing, or to pray continuously. Prayer is not a one sided conversation. As often as we cry out to God, we sometimes forget to stop and wait on the Lord and what He has to say. By us not continually having that open ear to what the Holy Spirit wants to teach us, I believe we miss out on many opportunities God has and wants for us.

By having the gifts of the Spirit, and being in constant communication with Him, both talking and listening, I believe develops a very intimate relationship. By having a relationship and learning from the Spirit, our expectations can’t possibly be too high if they are focused on the Kingdom. What the world will throw at you, and tell you is impossible will be destroyed, because we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. What statistics and doctors say will have no power and be no match for what the Holy Spirit can do if we are prepared.

Through this, set your expectations high towards the Kingdom, pray, listen, and be blessed.

  1. Francine Haymes says:


    William Cowper said, “The Spirit breathes upon the Word and brings the truth to sight.” Indeed the wind of the Spirit has brought you insight into the appropriation of His Word.
    Thanks for sharing your heart.

    Well done,

  2. Granny says:

    Nathan, always keep your expectations high as you pray and listen to what God has planned for you. Have a good day tomorrow. Love you–Granny

  3. R says:

    nathan – this ministered to me exactly where I am today, needing to wait on the Lord and listen …thank YOU for sitting at His feet and listening as you write these encouraging words ..love , mom

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