Are we missing out?

Posted: January 12, 2010 in Straight up

As Christians, a lot of times it seems like we are missing out on a lot of things. It seems as if the world is enjoying itself way more and having more fun and adventures that we don’t take part in.

The difference between Christians and non-believers is that as Christians, we have Christ living inside of us, as opposed to the world who has a heart full of worldly desires. So the way that we act, and our mindset, is completely different. Every person has a God shaped hole in their heart, and because the world has an unGodly mindset, I think that they try to fill that hole with everything this world has to offer. So as much as it seems like we are missing out, were not. They are still searching, while we are filled.

Just like the world, we were all lost at one point in our life. For whatever reason, God found us first and He has made it our mission and duty to change the lives of others for the kingdom.

When it comes down to it, we aren’t missing out on anything. They are. But the awesome thing about that is we can do something about it. It’s time to step it up. Go share, and be blessed.


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